Cursing at Police: Free Speech or Arrestable Offense?

Can you be arrested for swearing at a police officer?

Are Cults Illegal? A First Amendment Analysis

The First Amendment protects freedom of religion, but what about cults?

Are Deepfakes Protected by the First Amendment?

Exploring the ongoing debate surrounding deepfakes and the First Amendment.
Delegates on the floor of the 1968 Democratic National Convention holding up

1968 Democratic National Convention Protests: A Look Back

Revisiting one of the most infamous conventions in history.

Gender Pronouns and Free Speech: What You Need to Know

Can the government require people to use someone's pronouns?

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20 Facts About the First Amendment You Should Know

Discover 20 little-known facts about the First Amendment.

Perspective: Violence Should Not Dim the First Amendment

Strong protections for our core First Amendment freedoms are a bulwark against those who attempt…

Presidential Convention Protests: First Amendment Protections, Limits

What are the limits on presidential convention protests?
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Is Clothing Protected by the First Amendment?

Can you wear whatever you want, wherever you want?
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How to Spot a Deepfake: Tips, Tools, Games and More

Your guide to detecting and debunking deepfakes.
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1A in Action: Brigitte Bandit and Fighting for the Right to Perform in Drag

We highlight Brigitte Bandit as part of our 1A in Action series.
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Can Famous People Sue You for Criticizing Them? Actual Malice Explained

Everything to know about scrutinizing powerful people.
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