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In a March 2022 survey, consistently high percentages of respondents (93%) say the First Amendment is vital, and that it doesn’t go too far in the rights it guarantees (69%).

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Our Vision

Our Vision

The First Amendment is the cornerstone of a government by, for and of the people, yet most Americans can’t name the five freedoms it guarantees. Our vision is an America where everyone knows, understands, values and defends the freedoms of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition. We believe that encouraging the broad understanding and vigorous use of these fundamental freedoms by the people is the best way to preserve and protect the First Amendment for future generations.

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Our Work

We raise awareness of First Amendment freedoms through education, advocacy and action, sharing the stories of Americans who have exercised their rights to ignite change.

Fostering First Amendment Freedoms for All

Our Mission

Inspired by the five freedoms: Religion. Speech. Press. Assembly. Petition. Watch what it means to foster First Amendment freedoms for all.

The First Amendment: Where America Stands

The First Amendment: Where America Stands

Americans’ views of the First Amendment are as diverse and divided as the country itself, but it remains valued and vital for nearly all Americans, according to a recent Freedom Forum survey.

Today’s Front Pages

Today’s Front Pages

Explore the power of press freedom in your hometown and around the world.

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Explore Your First Amendment Freedoms

To explore the powers of our First Amendment freedoms, the Freedom Forum offers historic lessons, First Amendment insights, and downloadable posters, plus live and recorded programs with key practitioners of the First Amendment’s freedoms.

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