How the ‘Reindeer Rule’ Keeps Christ in Christmas Displays

Can local governments display religious symbols? Yes — if they follow the…

Jingle Bell Blocked: 10 Holiday Songs That Have Been Censored

Exploring some of the most prominent bans in holiday music history.

Son of Sam Laws: Do Criminals Have a Right to Profit From Their Crimes?

Everything to know about Son of Sam laws.
Silhouette with tipped scale with words fact and bias

Objectivity in Journalism: A Fair but Flawed Idea?

What is objectivity in journalism and why is it so hard to achieve?

Why Is Christmas a Federal Holiday?

Exploring the relationship between Christmas and separation of church and state.

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Can You Protest on Public Property? The First Amendment Guide

Discover when you can (and can't) protest on public property.

17 Religious Movies That May Change Your Perspective

17 faith-based films ranging from lighthearted laughs to difficult documentaries.

Commercial Speech and Truth in Advertising: Everything to Know

Exploring commercial speech and how restrictions promote truth in advertising.
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How (and Why) These 16 Famous Songs Were Banned

From government challenges to radio removals, these banned songs have stirred controversy.
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True Threats: A First Amendment Analysis

Everything you need to know about true threats and free speech.
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What Are Fighting Words? Definition, Examples and More

Everything you need to know about fighting words and free speech.
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Recording in Public: Is It Illegal to Record Without Permission?

The specifics of recording in public – and what you can do with a recording – can get complicated quickly.
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