What Is Doxing and Is Doxing Illegal? Everything You Should Know

When free speech and intimidation collide.

Are Non-Citizens Protected by the First Amendment?

With liberty and justice for ... all?

How Anti-SLAPP Laws Protect Your Right to Free Speech

When free speech and lawsuits collide.
political signs

Sign of the Times: When, Where and How Political Signs Can be Restricted

There is no direct mention of political signs in the First Amendment or anywhere in the Constitution. But such signs are protected as speech, just like books, songs, movies and clothing.

5 Protests That Highlight the Power of Love

Five love-inspired protests we, well, love ...

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The Establishment Clause: Everything to Know

What is the establishment clause and how does it protect religious freedom?

Art Censorship: First Amendment Violation or Private Free Speech?

Art is free speech protected from government censorship. But there are limits.

25 Black Civil Rights Activists Who Used the Power of the First Amendment

Activists who used the First Amendment to advance Black civil rights.
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Pledge of Allegiance in Schools: Do Students Have to Stand?

Everything to know about the Pledge of Allegiance in schools.
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6 First Amendment Stories to Watch in 2024

Exploring the biggest 1A stories on the horizon.
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12 Free Speech Memes That Highlight the Power of Expression

From funny to relatable, these free speech memes are some of the internet’s best.
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Free Expression or Infringement? 10 Famous Copyright Cases to Know

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But when does it go too far?
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