March for Life: 50 Years of the First Amendment in Action

How people of all faiths and none have exercised their freedoms.

Freedom Forum Welcomes Three New Members to Board of Trustees

New Freedom Forum board members bring expertise in education, advocacy and grassroots…

First Amendment Stories of 2022

These First Amendment stories offered opportunities to explore or exercise our freedoms.
Rise Up Exhibit for LGBTQ activism

Five Times LGBTQ Activism Relied on First Amendment Freedoms to Create Change

How LGBTQ activists have used religion, speech, press, assembly and petition

Does ChatGPT Have the Right to Free Speech?

We asked the AI chatbot about the First Amendment.

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Watch: Inside One Faith Community’s Struggle for the Right to Worship

How the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro faced discrimination and secured the right to religious freedom.

‘She Said’ and 24 More Movies About Journalism, From the Heroic to the Dark

Watch dramatized inside looks at the news media’s challenges, shortcomings and society-altering stories

Supreme Court To Weigh Free Speech Against Anti-Discrimination Laws

Balancing business owners’ beliefs and access to their services
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Religious Freedom Protects Wicca, Too

One man’s case shows why less-common belief systems need protection too.
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Teachers Face Limits on Their Election-Related Speech

Speech by government employees, like public school teachers, can be limited.
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5 Things to Know for Free Speech Week

Facts about one of the most loved and controversial First Amendment freedoms
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The Power of Assembly: Know Your Rights

A First Amendment-friendly toolkit for when you protest.
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You have the right to pray.