1A in Action: Brigitte Bandit and Fighting for the Right to Perform in Drag

We highlight Brigitte Bandit as part of our 1A in Action series.

Cursing at Police: Free Speech or Arrestable Offense?

Can you be arrested for swearing at a police officer?

Are Cults Illegal? A First Amendment Analysis

The First Amendment protects freedom of religion, but what about cults?
Man wearing Confederate flag shirt and cowboy hat saluting

Is Clothing Protected by the First Amendment?

Can you wear whatever you want, wherever you want?

How to Spot a Deepfake: Tips, Tools, Games and More

Your guide to detecting and debunking deepfakes.

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What Is Book Banning and Is It Unconstitutional? The Complete Guide

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1A in Action: Imam Ossama Bahloul and Fighting for the Right to Worship

We highlight the spiritual leader of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro as part of our 1A in Action series.
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Obscenity Examples: 11 Times Pop Culture Got Banned

Obscenity examples throughout history — from Eminem to Hustler magazine.
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What Is Religious Literacy?

Everything to know about religious literacy.
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