Violence in Media: How (and Why) Graphic Images Make the News

How, and why, news outlets decide to air graphic footage.

Freedom of Association: The Lesser-Known First Amendment Right

Movements get protection behind the scenes of their marches, too.

9 Women Who Used the First Amendment to Shape History

These women embraced their First Amendment freedoms to champion causes they cared…

Media Fatigue: 4 Ways to Fight Information Exhaustion

How to avoid being overwhelmed by junk information.

Watch: What Interfaith Families Can Teach Us About the First Amendment

Dialogue lessons for some 100 million Americans in interfaith families.

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Student Press Freedom Day Trivia

To celebrate Student Press Freedom Day, we put your First Amendment knowledge to the test.

Why I’m a Future Journalist

How Free Spirit Sana Muneer plans to change the world through journalism.

Seven Pioneering Journalists Who Championed Civil Rights

Discover 7 civil rights journalists who helped break barriers.
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Student Press Freedom Day and Why It Matters

Student Press Freedom Day is Feb. 23 this year, and we should care more than ever about celebrating it.
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Sacred Spaces Threatened: 3 Times Places of Worship Faced Barriers

The First Amendment often protects houses of worship – but not always.
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Does ChatGPT Have the Right to Free Speech?

We asked the AI chatbot about the First Amendment.
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Five Times LGBTQ Activism Relied on First Amendment Freedoms to Create Change

How LGBTQ activists have used religion, speech, press, assembly and petition
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There’s a lot to learn about freedom of press.