Watch: How Lesser-Known Religions Have Protected Religious Freedom for All

Fast facts about six lesser-known religions supporting the First Amendment.

World Press Freedom Day 2023: U.S. Black Holes and Bright Spots

Where the U.S. stands on press freedom.

A First Amendment Analysis of the Stanford Protests

No one gains in a verbal food fight on campus.
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Read Between the Lines of Books Bans and the First Amendment

Free expression and the First Amendment favor participation in the book review process.

Why Montana’s TikTok Ban Is Unconstitutional

A TikTok ban likely violates TikTok’s First Amendment rights – and yours.

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Why New Utah Social Media Laws Are Unconstitutional

Free speech advocates claim that the new Utah social media laws violate the First Amendment.

Free Speech in Schools: What Can Students Say?

Learn all about free speech in schools, including how and when student speech is protected…

Media Fatigue: 4 Ways to Fight Information Exhaustion

How to avoid being overwhelmed by junk information.
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Watch: What Interfaith Families Can Teach Us About the First Amendment

Dialogue lessons for some 100 million Americans in interfaith families.
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Violence in Media: How (and Why) Graphic Images Make the News

How, and why, news outlets decide to air graphic footage.
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Freedom of Association: The Lesser-Known First Amendment Right

Movements get protection behind the scenes of their marches, too.
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9 Women Who Used the First Amendment to Shape History

These women embraced their First Amendment freedoms to champion causes they cared about.
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