Why the First Amendment Is F.I.R.S.T.

Five words that describe the First Amendment — each of which was…

The First Amendment Makes News, Every Day

The First Amendment is at the heart of many of today’s biggest…

Is Obscenity Protected Speech? A First Amendment Guide

Everything to know about obscenity and the First Amendment.
separation of church and state

What Is Separation of Church and State?

Where did this term come from and why does it matter?

First Amendment Audits: Definition, Examples and More

Explaining the popular and controversial social media trend.

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Covering Drag and Free Speech in Tennessee

An inside look at the role of a First Amendment reporter.

Athletes, Activism and the First Amendment: A Conversation With Nate Boyer

Ex-NFL player and Army veteran Nate Boyer talks about the power of the First Amendment.

17 Freedom of Speech Court Cases You Should Know

Prominent free speech court cases from throughout history.
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What Is Defamation? Everything You Should Know

Answering a commonly asked, but often misunderstood, First Amendment question.
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Free Speech on College Campuses: The Ultimate Guide

What can (and can't) be said on college campuses?
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How I Exercised My Rights as a Student Journalist

How one student journalist used his First Amendment freedoms to speak up and get a bill passed in Hawaii to…
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Is Hate Speech Illegal?

Everything to know about the legality of hate speech.
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