What Is Book Banning and Is It Unconstitutional? The Complete Guide

Everything to know about book bans and the First Amendment.

1A in Action: Imam Ossama Bahloul and Fighting for the Right to Worship

We highlight the spiritual leader of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro as…

What Is Religious Literacy?

Everything to know about religious literacy.
Eminem performs during the 2001 Brit Awards in London.

Obscenity Examples: 11 Times Pop Culture Got Banned

Obscenity examples throughout history — from Eminem to Hustler magazine.

8 Controversial Commencement Speakers Throughout History

Exploring controversial commencement speakers and their First Amendment rights.

Unforgettable Stories and Images from Freedom Summer 1964

Looking back 60 years later.

Are Deepfakes Protected by the First Amendment?

Exploring the ongoing debate surrounding deepfakes and the First Amendment.

15 Freedom of Assembly Examples You Should Know

15 times freedom of assembly was exercised throughout US history.
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National Security and the First Amendment: When Can Rights Be Limited?

Exploring the centuries-long tension between the First Amendment and national security.
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Does the First Amendment Protect Anonymous Speech?

The right to hide our identity vs. the potential harms.
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Is Opinion Writing Protected by the First Amendment?

Why (and how) the First Amendment protects opinion writing.
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Protesting on College Campuses: FAQs Answered

Everything to know about protesting on college campuses.
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Can you be punished for protesting?

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