12 Free Speech Memes That Highlight the Power of Expression

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By Scott A. Leadingham

The First Amendment protects your right to free speech (and four other freedoms) and restricts the government from punishing you for it. That protection goes far beyond what you say out loud and extends to what you write, sing, paint, read and wear.

Free speech and expression extend to comedy, satire and parody. And that includes creating and sharing memes online. Maybe you have a favorite meme about a pop culture topic or disappointment about your favorite sports team’s losing record.

The fun and functionality of memes is that they are meant to be borrowed, changed, expanded upon, and shared.

Memes also capture a feeling of the culture in the moment and in a certain era. For example, prominent in the news over the past several years have been debates over “cancel culture” and what it means for free speech. Since self-proclaimed “free speech absolutist” Elon Musk bought Twitter and renamed it X, there are numerous memes online reflecting people’s opinions on his actions compared to what he says about free speech — a few of which are shown below.

In this post, we highlight 12 free speech memes for you to use, share and repurpose. In other words, exercise your freedom of speech with these memes.

1. Simple. To the point. Burn. (h/t @abughazalehkat on X)

2. Elon Musk: “Sorry to be a free speech absolutist.” (Source: Reddit)

Free speech moment
by inPoliticalCompassMemes

3. Free speech has consequences. Businesses have rights. Tension ensues. (Source: Reddit)

The duality of Libright
byu/PenguinSweetDreamer inPoliticalCompassMemes

4. A little meta. Keep our memes. Keep our right to free speech. (Source: Reddit)

byu/pepethegreatmemelord indank_meme

5. Comedy on Twitter. A play in three acts. (Source: Reddit)

Comedy is now illegal on Twitter.
byu/Tayo826 inmemes

6. Sorry, did I say “free”? I meant fee speech! (Source: Reddit)

Not so free speech
byu/Alexdoh inmemes

7. Literally a hot take! But an important one. (Source: imgflip)

8. Banned from a free speech forum? A little TOO convenient, don’t you think? (Source: Reddit)

There is nothing called free speech!
byu/musicismylife-10568 inmemes

9. Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid kneel. Nate Boyer stands. People react. All is free speech. (Source: imgflip)

10. Wait, can we buy the entire government on Amazon?!?! (Source: Reddit)

Lib right moment
by inPoliticalCompassMemes

11. Are you saying “free speech” may have legal limits and social consequences? Inconceivable! (Source: Knowyourmeme)

12. The First Amendment has FIVE freedoms for all! (Source: imgflip)

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