Controversial Social Media Posts by Public School Employees Raise Interesting Free-Speech Questions

This column expresses the views of David L. Hudson Jr., First Amendment Fellow, Freedom Forum. Public school principals, teachers and other employees must realize that controversial social media posts may lead to discipline and ultimately no First Amendment protection for their inflammatory comments. Public employees retain rights as citizens to comment on matters of public […]


In LGBTQ jobs ruling, justices left religious questions ‘for future cases’

By Gene Policinski and Benjamin Marcus The landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision Monday declared that a federal law prohibiting discrimination in employment does protect LGBTQ workers. But the court also deliberately left “for future cases” to decide how it would rule if an employer argues the law violates their religious beliefs about employing gay or […]


The First Amendment, Black Liberation and You

The First Amendment has had a landmark year — and it’s only June. The devout invoke religious freedom while debating whether it is appropriate to ban in-person religious services during the COVID-19 pandemic. The socially conscious assemble to protest en masse against police brutality and to affirm that Black lives matter. Journalists risk their safety […]

Power Shift Project Book Club

Power Shift Project Book Club

Participants in Power Shift Project workshops and webinars have suggested books, podcasts and videos that offer new insights on the history of race and privilege; the benefits of diversity; overcoming hidden biases; and reporting on diverse communities.