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Power Shift Project Announces Trainers Council

The Freedom Forum is proud to announce the formation of the Power Shift Trainers Council, a group that will advise and support the program and other trainers.

At a January listening session with Power Shift trainers, we learned more about the Workplace Integrity curriculum’s positive impact on journalists and journalism. We also heard a real desire among trainers to share ideas and provide mutual support. The Trainers Council was created to address those needs.

Our Power Shift Trainers Council includes 17 veteran and newly certified Workplace Integrity trainers from organizations including The Associated Press, Investigative Reporters and Editors, and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

“The Power Shift Project is working to change the culture of newsrooms and classrooms around the country,” said Chief Content Officer Patty Rhule, who oversees the Power Shift project. “The Trainers Council will support and guide the work of journalists and educators who have taken on the task of creating workplaces free of harassment and full of opportunity for all.”

The council will:

  • Provide input to the Power Shift Project on training
  • Provide mentorship and resources to other trainers
  • Help amplify information about Power Shift programs

We look forward to providing our corps of more than 400 trainers with the guidance and resources needed to continue their work in creating work environments free of harassment, discrimination, and incivility, and filled with opportunity, especially for those who have traditionally been denied it.

The Power Shift Project is a national, industry-wide initiative to improve the quality and future of journalism by improving the diversity, equity and culture of news organizations. Its Workplace Integrity curriculum, designed by a world-class educator in leadership, ethics and diversity, Jill Geisler, helps media organizations build cultures where all people can feel they truly belong.

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