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First Five Now: The Fight for Free Speech

Ian Rosenberg talks about his new book, “The Fight for Free Speech: 10 Cases That Define Our First Amendment Freedoms,” a user’s guide to understanding contemporary free speech issues. It distills the spectrum of free speech law to 10 critical issues. Each chapter focuses on a current free speech question and explains the key Supreme Court case that provides the answers. Scenarios include student walkouts for gun safety, Samantha Bee’s expletives, Nazis marching in Charlottesville, Va., and the silencing of adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Rosenberg has more than 20 years’ experience as a media lawyer and has worked as legal counsel for ABC News since 2003. He is also an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker and teaches media law at Brooklyn College.

First Five Now is a Freedom Forum conversation that explores topical issues and features current newsmakers who are using the five freedoms of the First Amendment to guide their work.

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