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The Life and Legacy of Photographer Ted Polumbaum

Learn about the life and work of acclaimed freelance photographer Ted Polumbaum, who over his 40-year career captured some of the nation’s most memorable moments. Daughter Judy Polumbaum talks about her father’s legacy as chronicled in her new book, “All Available Light: The Life and Legacy of Photographer Ted Polumbaum,” which provides an intimate profile of him. She also display some of his best-known photographs.

Polumbaum (1924-2001) captured images from Freedom Summer, New England politics and sports, the struggles in Chile during the 1970s and of such historic figures as Julia Child, Ted Kennedy, Salvador Allende and more. More than 200,000 photographs from Polumbaum’s career are part of Freedom Forum’s Newseum collection.

First Five Live is a Freedom Forum conversation series featuring activists and influencers sharing stories about how they have exercised the five freedoms of the First Amendment — religion, speech, press, assembly and petition — to ignite change.

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