Student Press Freedom Day Trivia

First Amendment Trivia

By Freedom Forum

How well do you know the First Amendment rights of students in public schools? Test your knowledge with this short quiz!

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Host your own First Amendment trivia!

Do you want to host your own First Amendment trivia event? The following resources contain everything you need!


30-40 minutes



  1. Print copies of the trivia answer sheet – one per team playing.
  2. Load the Newsmania presentation onto a screen or device visible to all players. This pre-timed slideshow will automatically move through the questions. Participants will have one minute to answer each trivia question. Each slide includes a countdown clock to cue players and keep the game running on time. The presentation also goes through the answers to the trivia at the end. If you would prefer to run your own trivia slide show you can download the question slides here.
  3. Optional: Prepare background music to play during the trivia game. You can find ideas for First Amendment themed music here.


  1. Distribute the First Amendment trivia answer sheet and give players a few moments to decide on a team name and designate a team scribe to record their answers.
  2. Let participants know that you will be starting the trivia game. Though the Newsmania presentation will automatically move through the questions be prepared to read the game instructions and questions from the screen. Remind participants that they will have one minute to answer each question.
    1. Note: The organizer does not have to sit out of playing; you are welcome to join a team!
  3. Press play to start Newsmania! There are 20 questions in the game. When the game moves to each new question, read the question and answer choices out loud to the group.
  4. At the end of the questions, the presentation will go through the answers to the trivia. Let participants know they will be grading their own answer sheets. Ask each team to put a check mark next to the questions that they answered correctly. At the end of the Newsmania presentation, ask each team to count their correct answers and write their final score on the top of their trivia sheet.
  5. Collect the answer sheets and report to the group which team or teams had the highest score.


  1. If you are unable to print the trivia answer sheets, have participants create their own on a blank piece of paper. Have them write their team name at the top of the paper and number 1 to 20 before starting the game.
  2. If you aren’t able to project the presentation to a screen you can still play! Just read each question and answer choice twice to the group. Pro tip: you can read the questions from the Newsmania presentation on a personal device. This option automatically keeps track of game time so you don’t have to.
  3. If you would like to dive deeper into the First Amendment, here are some additional resources and lesson plans:
    1. Introduction to the First Amendment: My Five Freedoms
    2. Introduction to the First Amendment: What’s a Violation?

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