30th Anniversary Circle

Thank you to the following supporters:

$3,000 and above

James W. Abbott and Debby Vander Woude

Mary Kay Blake

Dr. Mary Lee and Shelby Coffey III

Phil and Joan Currie

Mike and Mary Louise Coleman

Félix F. and María Elena Gutiérrez

Glenn Gauthier and Danni Clinton

Madelyn P. Jennings

Malcolm and Jane Kirschenbaum

John and Cynthia Lee

Dennis and Patricia Miller

Jan Neuharth and Joseph Keusch

Charles and Andrea Overby

Alan Perkins and Barbara Bonessa

Barbara and Christopher Wall

Chris Wells and David Mazzarella

$1,300 to $2,999

Douglas and Claudia Anderson

Kerry Brock and John Seigenthaler

Carrie and Isaac Christoffersen

Brent Jones

Randy Lovely and John Sallot

Katherine and John Maynard

Emily Nicholson Simcox and Robert J. Simcox III

Linda and Orage Quarles III

Seth and Marion Eisen

Jonathan and Sarah Thompson

$1,299 and below


Allen and Linda Beermann

Lucy A. Dalglish and W. Mark McNair

Elizabeth Dickson

Pam Galloway-Tabb and Roy Tabb

Victoria Gogo

Charles Haynes and Christopher Wilson

Mary Jo Hotzler

Cassie Hurley

Cecelia Cizek Kirkwood

Matthew Leifer

Warren Lerude

Bruce McElvein

Laura Nelson

Peter and Ann Prichard

Robert Ruggles

Chuck Tobin

Shelby Hauck Bohn Waldron and James Waldron

Parker Wishik

To join our 30th Anniversary Circle, please contact Elizabeth Dickson at [email protected], 202/292-6371 or visit freedomforum.org/30circle to contribute. Learn more about benefits of the circle here.