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University of Georgia students talk speech on campus

Getting to the heart of free speech issues college students face every…

When it comes to First Amendment rights, do we want a sword or a shield?

When it comes to your core freedoms, a sword carves them out…
First Amendment Festival

Union City, Tenn., celebrates the First Amendment at Discovery Park of America

Fox News anchor Bret Baier spoke and country music legends The Gatlin Brothers performed.

Local news empowers us to know and exercise our freedoms

Reporter covers local First Amendment news for The Tennessean.

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Watch: Snapchatting Cheerleader Tests Speech on Social Media

How one high schooler earned a victory for students' free speech.

Is Your Speech Protected by the First Amendment?

4 steps to know what speech is protected and when.

Infographic: To Pray or Not To Pray

Download a quick guide to common scenarios at school where prayer is protected expression – and where it is prohibited.
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Power Shift Training Improves Newsroom Culture – and Coverage

Newsrooms and classrooms that develop cultures designed to promote civility and opportunity for all and to end harassment are discovering…
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When Leaks Dry Up, We Turn To FOIA

The Freedom of Information Act requires the government to hand over its records if someone asks for them.
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Watch: What is Section 230 and Why Should I Care?

Get the essentials on one of the most consequential laws governing speech on the internet.
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You have the right to pray.

Religion. Speech. Press. Assembly. Petition.

Learn about the First Amendment.