Power Shift Project Book Club

Power Shift Project Book Club

Institutional racism, injustice and inequality are at the top of the national agenda this week as protesters around the country decry the death of George Floyd while in the custody of Minneapolis police on May 25.

The goal of the Freedom Forum’s Power Shift Project is to create workplaces free of harassment, discrimination and incivility, and full of opportunity, especially for those who have traditionally been denied it.

To that end, participants in Power Shift Project workshops and webinars have suggested books, podcasts and videos that offer new insights on the history of race and privilege; the benefits of diversity; overcoming hidden biases; and reporting on diverse communities.

These are some of their selections:


Podcast by Nikole Hannah-Jones – Listen
Recommended by Alicia Shepard, Cal Poly State University

“If you didn’t have time to wade through all the well-researched material in the magazine version of 1619, the podcast is an easily accessible way to learn about the critical, unacknowledged role African American slaves played in our country’s development and how the brutality and discrimination then plays out today. Wish there were more than six episodes.”

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“Be the Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation”

Book by Latasha Morrison – Buy
Recommended by Dana Ritter, CBN News

“This is specific to my world, inside the Christian bubble. Some unique circumstances. This book is great at equipping individuals and teams to have conversations about race, racism, privilege, and diversity in a non-intimidating way.”

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“Language of Appeasement”

Article by Dafina-Lazarus Stewart – Read
Recommended by Amy Wielunski, WBEZ Chicago Public Media

“As a colleague once said, this article helped reorganize my brain.”

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“So You Want to Talk About Race”

Book by Ijeoma Oluo – Buy
Recommended by Jill Geisler, Freedom Forum/Loyola University Chicago

“When we talk across difference, we often operate on assumptions and simplistic theories. The author tackles all of this head on, with the goal of helping people go beyond the superficial, think critically and speak with clarity. It can be humbling for a person of privilege to read, which is exactly why it is so important.”

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