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Journalists Memorial

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Journalists Memorial
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  • Preliminary list of journalists who died in 2002
  • "To preserve the freedom of the human mind ... and freedom of the press, every spirit should be ready to devote itself to martyrdom." Thomas Jefferson

    The Journalists Memorial, standing at the highest point of Freedom Park in Arlington, Va., overlooks the monuments of Washington, D.C. It is 24 feet tall and made of dichroic glass.

    The Freedom Forum Journalists Memorial honors reporters, editors, photographers and broadcasters who gave their lives reporting the news.

    Veronica Guerin died covering organized crime in Ireland. Elijah Lovejoy died crusading against slavery; Ernie Pyle, covering World War II from the front; Don Bolles, exposing corruption.

    Around the world, journalists have placed themselves in peril. Thousands simply disappeared, victims of cruel regimes. Their names are lost to history. Those named here intone their collective legacy: They fought and died in the battle to report the truth.

    The Memorial is a central feature of Freedom Park, adjacent to The Freedom Forum Newseum and The Freedom Forum World Center headquarters in Arlington.

    The journalists

    This database contains the current list of names for the Journalists Memorial. Most entries include each journalist's name and news organization, the organization's home country and the place where the journalist died.

    In some cases, little is known about the journalists, including the news-organization affiliation. Research by Newseum staff and the Committee to Protect Journalists determined that these people were journalists killed in the line of duty. For free-lance journalists, the listings include only the name and where they died.

    The Freedom Forum rededicates the Memorial each year.

    Criteria for selection

    The journalists whose names are listed on The Freedom Forum Journalists Memorial died in the line of duty trying to gather the news.

    For the Memorial, a journalist is defined as a regular contributor of news, commentary or photography to a publication or broadcast outlet; an editor or other news executive; a free-lance journalist; a producer, camera operator, sound engineer or other working member of a broadcast crew; or a documentary filmmaker. The Memorial does not include employees of official government agencies whose primary function is to transmit government information.

    Some of the journalists listed were killed covering wars, natural disasters or violent crimes, some were injured or fell ill while on assignment, and some were murdered to silence their reporting. Journalists who died as a result of accidents unrelated to an assignment are not listed on the Memorial, nor are those who instigated the violence that caused their deaths. An independent panel of journalists and journalism historians reviews difficult cases.

    Names that might qualify for the Memorial may be submitted for consideration. Please provide complete background on the individual, the news organization and its location, and the location and circumstances of the death. Letters and supporting materials, which cannot be returned, should be sent to:

    The Freedom Forum Journalists Memorial
    1101 Wilson Boulevard
    Arlington, VA 22209 USA


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