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First Amendment Center programs

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First Amendment education programs
Through its education programs, the First Amendment Center works with schools and communities throughout the nation. The center's school-reform initiative, consensus guidelines and conflict-mediation efforts are designed to promote strong public support for First Amendment principles and ideas.

Religious freedom programs
The center's religious freedom programs educate Americans about the history, meaning and significance of the First Amendment's religious-liberty clauses. The programs help Americans find common ground across religious differences using the guiding principles of religious freedom.

'Speaking Freely'
A television program exploring a range of First Amendment issues, including freedom of expression in the arts.

'Freedom Sings'
This innovative program uses using narrative, music and videos to convey the history and importance of First Amendment-protected freedom of expression — in your community, at your conference or convention, or on your campus.

Moot Court Competition
The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution the cornerstone of American democracy is the focus of the National First Amendment Moot Court Competition. Recognized as one of the nation's finest constitutional law competitions, this annual event features a current First Amendment controversy.

Freedom in Film Award
Annual honor given by the First Amendment Center and the Nashville Independent Film Festival to recognize lifetime achievement in film/video that exemplifies and advances free expression.

Freedom Forum/American Press Institute First Amendment Seminars
The Freedom Forum and the American Press Institute are collaborating on a program to enhance newspaper professionals' understanding of and appreciation for the First Amendment.

Justice and Journalism
A series of discussions between judges and journalists on access, news-media accountability and other issues.