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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Rochester Physician and Scientist Bernard B. Brody, 89

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Dr. Bernard B. Brody, a retired senior vice president for medical affairs at Genesee Hospital in Rochester, New York, and a trustee of the Freedom Forum for 28 years, died Sept. 2 in Rochester. He was 89.

Elected as a trustee of the Freedom Forum board in 1980, Brody sat on the National Advisory Committee of the Freedom Forum Media Studies Center and accompanied Gannett Co. Chairman Allen H. Neuharth on USA TODAY’s worldwide “JetCapade” reporting tour.  Brody became a trustee emeritus in 2008.

“Dr. Brody was a superb medical doctor.  But he also ‘doctored’ many of us in many other ways that helped us tremendously in our personal and professional lives,” said Allen H. Neuharth, founder of the Freedom Forum.

Born in New York City in 1922, Brody earned a chemistry degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1943. During World War II, he worked on atomic bomb research in the Manhattan Project, separating plutonium from uranium.

In 1951, Brody was awarded a medical degree from the University of Rochester. During the Korean War, he monitored and treated accidental exposures to chemical warfare working with the U.S. Army Medical Branch of the Chemical Corps.

Brody combined private practice with clinical laboratory and administrative directorships at The Genesee Hospital from 1956 to 1987, serving also as a consultant for Eastman Kodak Co.’s clinical-products division.

His first wife, the former Ruth Miller Brody, died in 2002. He married Dr. Jocelyn Hicks Brody in 2009. Besides his wife of Rochester, survivors include two daughters, Sarah A. Epstein of Palo Alto, Ca. and Rachel Banditch of Rochester; and two grandchildren.