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War Stories events coverage

Danger, grief, betrayal mark reporter's time in Vietnam
Wallace Terry says, 'I looked at every soldier who was fighting as my fellow citizen … and not as a possible scoop.'  11.10.01

Pentagon to allow full-name IDs of soldiers
Press had questioned how withholding names protects military personnel interviewed in field.  10.19.01

AP reporter sees technological leaps over 40 years of covering war
Richard Pyle recalls that ‘technology in Vietnam was typewriters and telephones.’  09.27.01

War reporter recalls 'worst moment of my life' covering fighting in Haiti
USA TODAY's Tom Squitieri tells of facing a man with a pistol aimed straight at him.  09.27.01

War photographer: Staying safe is part of job
Ruth Fremson of New York Times says risks journalists take must not jeopardize their ability to get their work out.  08.28.01

Photojournalist recalls 'mind-twisting' time in Vietnam
It was 'the last war we're going to be able to report honestly and thoroughly,' he tells Newseum audience.  08.23.01

End of Cold War decreased defense coverage
Washington Times reporter Bill Gertz describes difficulties of handling top-secret national security information.  08.12.01

Vietnam War 'a colossal waste,' author says
Reporter who covered waning years of the war criticizes politicians for their intent and journalists for their lapses.  08.10.01

Khmer Rouge genocide recalled in Newseum program
Free-lance journalist describes pursuit of ‘the last, great, un-gotten interview’ — a conversation with Pol Pot.  08.06.01

Civil War methods still echo in today's war coverage, author says
Limited expectations and experience made early war coverage a rush to lack of judgment, Inside Media audience told.  07.31.01

Plight of child soldiers needs news media attention, panelists say
Lives of little ones kidnapped by guerrillas for armed combat are detailed by correspondents at Newseum.  07.26.01

Staying alive on forefront of history
Correspondent, cameraman recall risks of covering war in Cambodia, Vietnam.  07.19.01

Recalling the horrors of Vietnam
‘I saw little children being slaughtered,’ veteran AP correspondent tells Newseum audience.  07.17.01

Reporter, historian debate whether FDR knew Pearl Harbor would be hit
Newseum ‘War Stories’ program explores Robert Stinnett’s book on wartime cables.  07.17.01

Persian Gulf War press pool worked well in some ways
But journalist Frank Aukofer says access to war zone denied after air war started.  07.16.01

War correspondent recalls kidnapping in Somalia
Despite being held captive for 20 days in 1994, reporter Tina Susman covered conflict in Africa for seven more years.  07.06.01

News coverage didn't defeat U.S. in Vietnam, author says
Stanley Karnow says Gen. William Westmoreland wanted someone other than himself to blame.  06.29.01

Covering war 'pretty miserable' but vital
Americans must get as clear a picture of war as possible, says Kirk Spitzer of  06.26.01

Photojournalists chronicle war's toll on 'Children of Kosovo'
‘You have to have the mentality and the makeup to want to go (into a war zone) and do a tough story like this,’ photography director tells Newseum audience.  06.20.01

Book looks at women who covered World War II
Author Nancy Caldwell Sorel says female reporters sometimes had to use ruses to get to war zones.  06.19.01

Wartime censorship blinds public, reporter says
Newsday’s Patrick Sloyan recounts government efforts to downplay the horrors of combat.  06.06.01

Military censorship not uniform through history
Veteran journalist Bill Hosokawa says control of combat reporters eased during in Korean War.  06.01.01

'Parachute journalism' hurts world news overseas
Journalist, author Don Oberdorfer says U.S. international coverage suffers from lack of depth, background, context.  05.30.01

Persian Gulf changed war reporting, journalists say
Panel on opening of new War Stories exhibit says airing live briefings now passes for coverage, replacing analysis.  05.24.01