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First Amendment Schools: Educating for Freedom and Responsibility, co-sponsored by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) and the First Amendment Center, is a national initiative designed to transform how schools model and teach the rights and responsibilities of citizenship that frame civic life in our democracy. The project has four primary goals:

  • Create consensus guidelines and guiding principles for all schools interested in creating and sustaining First Amendment principles in their school.
  • Establish project schools, in every region of the nation, where First Amendment principles are understood and applied throughout the school community.
  • Encourage and develop curriculum reforms that reinvigorate and deepen teaching about the First Amendment across the curriculum.
  • Educate school leaders, teachers, school board members and attorneys, and other key stakeholders about the meaning and significance of First Amendment principles and ideals.

To achieve these goals, the First Amendment Schools project serves as a national resource for all schools — K-12, public and private — interested in affirming First Amendment principles and putting them into action in their school communities.

  • Visit the First Amendment Schools Web site.


    Schools selected to create models of democratic freedom
    News release Schools chosen in First Amendment Schools project will be laboratories of democratic freedom, demonstrating how school communities can practice democracy, uphold inalienable rights.  05.07.02

    Preserve freedom by letting students exercise rights, panelists say
    During taping of radio program, students, educators, First Amendment experts discuss educational fallout from terrorist attacks.  09.25.01

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