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  • American Association of University Professors
    Defends academic freedom and tenure, among other college and university issues.
  • American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression
    Founded by the American Booksellers Association in 1990, ABFFE is the booksellers' voice in the fight against censorship.
  • American Civil Liberties Union
    A nationwide, nonpartisan organization dedicated to defending and preserving the Bill of Rights for all individuals through litigation, legislation and public education.
  • American Library Association Office for Intellectual Freedom
    Charged with implementing ALA policies on intellectual freedom as embodied in the Library Bill of Rights, the association's basic policy on free access to libraries and library materials. The goal of the office is to educate librarians and the general public about the nature and importance of intellectual freedom in libraries.
  • California First Amendment Coalition
    Nonprofit public-benefit corporation working to preserve and improve compliance with state and federal laws affording citizens access to public information, including the protection of newsgathering by journalists. CFAC also supports freedom of expression, assembly and petition on matters of public concern.
  • Center for Arts and Culture
    Independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank that "aims to broaden and deepen the national conversation on culture and cultural policies." Commissions research, holds public roundtables, and publishes new voices and perspectives on arts and culture. Topics include law, globalization, access, preservation, community, investment, education.
  • Copley First Amendment Center
    Nonprofit division of Illinois Press Association providing news, court cases on First Amendment issues. Includes section for students.
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation
    "Protecting rights and promoting freedom in the electronic frontier."
  • Ellen K. Solender Institute in Free Speech and Mass Media Law
    At Underwood Law Library, Dedman School of Law, Southern Methodist University.
  • Feminists for Free Expression
    "A group of diverse feminists working to preserve the individual's right to see, hear, and produce materials of her choice without the intervention of the government 'for her own good.' "
  • Free Expression Policy Project
    FEPP, a think tank on artistic and intellectual freedom, produces reports, commentaries, fact sheets and friend-of-the-court briefs, and seeks solutions to the concerns that drive censorship campaigns. Web site features report, "Media Literacy: An Alternative to Censorship."
  • First Amendment Cyber-Tribune
    FACT is one of the pioneer First Amendment sites in the nation. A "resource for anyone wanting to learn about the First Amendment," providing "information on all the liberties guaranteed by the amendment."
  • Freedom Channel
    Offers views from presidential and congressional candidates on a range of issues in the form of 90-second videos.
  • Freedom of Expression Links
    Canadian site with links to anti-censorship resources, legal decisions, appeals, organizations, news groups.
  • Freedom to Read Foundation
    Promotes and defends right to read; fosters libraries as institutions wherein every individual's First Amendment freedoms are fulfilled; supports right of libraries to include in their collections and make available any work that they may legally acquire.
  • Free Expression Network Clearinghouse
    A guide to free speech and the First Amendment, including censorship issues.
  • Intellectual Freedom Round Table
    Provides a forum for discussion of activities, programs and problems in intellectual freedom of libraries and librarians; serves as a channel of communications on intellectual freedom matters; promotes a greater opportunity for involvement among the members of the ALA in defense of intellectual freedom; promotes a greater feeling of responsibility in the implementation of ALA policies on intellectual freedom.
  • Internet Freedom Resources
    Anti-censorship links: "Defending the rights of Net users; breaking tomorrow's stories today." Sponsors the Internet Freedom Journalism Awards.
  • Marshall-Brennan Fellowship Program
    Nonprofit group at Washington College of Law promoting constitutional literacy among young people. Hosts high school-level National Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition.
  • Media Coalition
    "Defends the First Amendment right to produce and sell books, magazines, recordings, videotapes and videogames; and defends the American public's First Amendment right to have access to the broadest possible range of opinion and entertainment."
  • Media Institute
    "Nonprofit research foundation specializing in communications policy and the First Amendment."
  • National Coalition Against Censorship
    NCAC is an alliance of 48 national nonprofit organizations, including religious, professional, artistic, labor and civil rights groups, committed to defending freedom of thought, inquiry and expression.
  • National Freedom of Information Coalition
    A group of state First Amendment and FOI organizations.
  • Peacefire
    "Youth alliance against Internet censorship."
  • PEN American Center
    A professional association of 2600 literary writers, defends free speech for writers in the United States and around the world.
  • People for the American Way
    "Organizes and mobilizes Americans to fight for fairness, justice, civil rights and the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution."
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette First Amendment site
    Developed through a Pew Center for Civic Journalism grant, the site is a resource for community members, journalists, students.
  • Stand and Be Counted
    Anti-censorship site "working on helping people start campaigns against censorship."
  • Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Freedom of Expression
    "Devoted solely to the defense of free expression in all its forms."
  • Unlimited Freedom of Speech
    A site supporting and encouraging free speech worldwide, "with links to a variety of resources for the education, entertainment, empowerment, and inspiration of freedom-loving individuals everywhere."

Religious-liberty groups

Journalism-related organizations, publications




  • Committee to Protect Journalists
    A nonpartisan organization of journalists dedicated to the defense of press freedom around the world.
  • Institute for War & Peace Reporting
    "An award-winning educational and development charity, IWPR informs the international debate on conflict and supports the independent media in regions in transition."
  • European Journalism Fellowships
    Mid-career program for European and U.S. journalists, offered in Berlin.
  • Impunity No More
    Inter American Press Association site promoting awareness of murders of journalists and other attacks against them in Latin America and the Caribbean and efforts to bring the attackers to justice.
  • International Center for Journalists
    Nonprofit organization promoting excellence in news coverage of crucial community and global issues.
  • International Freedom of Expression Exchange
    IFEX's weekly Webzine with latest news from around the world on freedom of expression victories and violations.
  • International Press Institute
    Global network of journalists, editors and media executives, dedicated to freedom of the press and "improving the standards and practises of journalism."
  • International Journalists' Network
    Operated by the International Center for Journalists; Web site devoted to media-assistance news and supporting professional development of journalists worldwide.
  • Media Channel
    News about media worldwide.
  • Media Diversity Institute
    Organization that seeks "to promote conflict prevention and conflict resolution through diversity reporting."
  • International Reporting Project
    Educates U.S. journalists about global issues and aims to increase and improve the coverage of international topics in the U.S. news media. It does so through a variety of fellowships, conferences, seminars, fact-finding visits and publications to meet the needs of all levels of journalists: early-career, mid-career and senior journalists.
  • Reporters Sans Frontières
    "Reporters without Borders" is a watchdog group based in Paris that monitors and reports on threats against journalists worldwide.
  • U.S. State Department Issue Focus
    "Each business day, the U.S. Department of State's Office of Research produces an Issue Focus of foreign media commentary on a major foreign policy issue or related event. These reports provide a global round-up of editorials and op-ed commentary from major newspapers, magazines and broadcast media around the world." Also offers analyses of the commentaries.
  • Vivid Image Productions' page of Freedom of Information links.
  • World Association of Newspapers
    WAN, based in Paris, comprises 66 national newspaper associations, individual newspaper executives in 93 nations, 17 national and international news agencies, a media foundation and seven affiliated regional and worldwide press organisations. It represents more than 17,000 publications on the five continents.
  • World Press Review Online
    World Press Review, a New York City-based English-language monthly magazine focusing on the international press, each month translates, reprints, and analyzes news and opinion from around the globe.