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Flynt to fight eviction from downtown Cincinnati building

The Associated Press


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Pedestrians wal...
Pedestrians walk past the Hustler Books, Magazines & Gifts store in downtown Cincinnati.

CINCINNATI — Larry Flynt doesn't intend to move his adult bookstore out of a downtown building without a fight.

The Hustler magazine publisher is planning to fight a complaint filed by the city against his store.

The complaint was filed on July 22 after Flynt refused an eviction notice to vacate the building.

Flynt's attorney, H. Louis Sirkin, says city officials are trying to force his client out because they do not approve of the Hustler Books, Magazines & Gifts store.

"It's an attempt to silence and censor," Sirkin said. "We're going to fight."

Flynt also has been promising a court challenge of a new city law that forbids the city from covering the expenses of relocating the Hustler Books, Magazines & Gifts store. The City Council approved the law in June.

Flynt's brother, Jimmy, runs the store. He says other businesses on the corner haven't been subject to similar purchases and evictions and he will not comply with the city's request to leave.

"They'll have to take me out feet first," he said.

Assistant City Solicitor Geri Hernandez Geiler says that the city filed the complaint because the store is occupying the building illegally. She says the city now owns the building and the store's lease has run out.

"They are the only ones being evicted because they are the only ones who are not legally occupying the premises," she said. "We are not trying to run any of those businesses in that area out of town. We just need the property for the Contemporary Arts Center."

City officials have said that the store is one of several businesses that must be relocated to make room for the planned arts center.

The city served Flynt with an eviction notice July 16 after it had negotiated to buy the property from the owner, who had leased it to Flynt.

A hearing is set for Aug. 13 in Municipal Court.