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Regulating rudeness: why insults aren't a crime
By Ken Paulson School administrators are increasingly tempted to try to control off-campus student speech.  12.01.02

'Free' and other 4-letter words
By Ken Paulson Public profanity can violate our sensibilities, but generally doesnít violate the law.  11.17.02

Don't stop the presses: respecting the rights of campus newspapers
By Ken Paulson Courts have repeatedly found that college students have full First Amendment protection, regardless of the source of their funding.  11.03.02

A constitutional clash: free speech, copyrights and Mickey Mouse
By Ken Paulson In a society immersed in popular culture, copyrighted materials should be fair game for discussion, exploration and teaching.  10.20.02

The upside of offending: free speech and 'healthy conversations'
By Ken Paulson 'Barbershop' controversy shows that the right to offend is the liberty to challenge the status quo.  10.06.02

Turn the dial: shock radio and freedom of speech
By Ken Paulson Ultimately itís the public — not the FCC — who can apply pressure when on-air stunts get ugly.  09.22.02

We lose sight of our rights when freedom and fear collide
By Ken Paulson Latest First Amendment survey suggests many Americans view our fundamental freedoms as possible obstacles to the war on terrorism.  09.08.02

Private justice: when secrecy undermines safety
By Ken Paulson Secret settlements keep allegations of unsafe products, harmful conduct away from the press and out of the public eye.  08.25.02

Case of the plastic plaintiff: Barbie vs. free speech
By Ken Paulson Despite lighthearted opinion, decision about satirical song was important First Amendment victory.  08.11.02

Rave on: the Grateful Dead and a new generation
By Ken Paulson Congressional move to make entertainment promoters liable for fans' drug use at events would shut down free expression at concerts, dance parties.  07.28.02

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