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Free speech is messy, but restricting it is messier
By Charles Haynes Just ask Cincinnati, where efforts to control holiday displays have turned into a legal quagmire.  12.08.02

Giving thanks for the first freedom
By Charles Haynes Without freedom of conscience and freedom of the mind, no free speech, press, assembly or petition is possible.  11.24.02

Posting religious codes is but first step for 'Ten Commandments movement'
By Charles Haynes Long-term aim of Alabama's chief justice, some TV evangelists is to restore the Christian America they believe has been lost.  11.10.02

'Teaching the controversy' over evolution could be disastrous
By Charles Haynes Without adequate teacher preparation, reasonable-sounding approach would actually be confusing, dangerous.  10.27.02

In climate of fear, people are being punished for speaking out
By Charles Haynes At the very moment in our history when we most need the 'marketplace of ideas' created by the First Amendment, far too many Americans seem eager to shut down the debate.  10.13.02

Houses of worship joining partisan political fray not a good idea
By Charles Haynes House bill to allow churches, synagogues, mosques to endorse candidates, contribute money to campaigns would entangle government with religion.  09.29.02

Despite some malice, most Americans respect Islam, religious diversity
By Charles Haynes U.S. history shows religious intolerance has lost ground over time; Americans followed President Bush's example in not condemning all Muslims for terror attacks.  09.15.02

Let's make Sept. 11 an annual Day of Freedom in our schools
By Charles Haynes It's time for America's schools to move from 'teaching in a time of terror' to 'teaching for a new birth of freedom.'  09.01.02

Watch out: War on terrorism should not mean war on Islam
By Charles Haynes War of words carried out by Franklin Graham, Bill O'Reilly and others risks further alienating Americans from world's 1.2 billion Muslims.  08.18.02

Feel-good interfaith events may paper over deep differences
By Charles Haynes But members of different religious traditions shouldn't resort to demonizing others, either, as we remember Sept. 11.  08.04.02

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