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Is the press guilty of treason?
Ombudsman Many regard robust exercise of First Amendment rights by either the press or the people as a dangerous problem in the fight against terrorism.  08.08.02

The Supreme Court's 'secondary' thoughts
Ombudsman While Alameda Books ruling appears to bolster efforts to regulate adult businesses, several justices express concern that evolving secondary-effects doctrine threatens First Amendment.  07.30.02

Putting corporate security before national security
Ombudsman Government is asking private citizens to take on more responsibilities, but is considering bribing private businesses to enlist in war on terrorism.  07.22.02

Congress must champion access
Ombudsman Government information must be branded as crucial to democracy, to responsible governance and to freedom.  07.11.02

Denial of access shushes the democratic dialogue
Ombudsman Some restrictions are warranted to guard against attack, but as government demands more information of Americans, it's asking Americans to demand less information from government.  12.12.01

The more we know, the more secure we are
Ombudsman It defies reason that we'd rush to limit information that has no real bearing on national security or military operations.  12.07.01

The war on journalism
Ombudsman Closing off information to the public by squeezing the press leaves us in the dark with pundit prattle, poor policies and panic.  10.22.01

Freedom flees in terror from Sept. 11 disaster
Ombudsman Do we really want to add constitutional freedoms to the sorrowful list of casualties?  09.19.01

The making of a First Amendment martyr
Ombudsman Journalist Vanessa Leggett sits in jail because she wonít become an investigative pawn of government.  08.22.01

Freedom of speech: Rated 'R' for restricted
Ombudsman Voluntary rating systems donít go far enough for those who would dictate what we see in the comfort of a theater or listen to in the privacy of our homes.  07.19.01

ombudsman columns
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