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Why we need to build a new Newseum
By Charles Overby Decision to build new Newseum in downtown Washington, D.C. — just three years after original opened in Arlington, Va. — surprises even senior management of The Freedom Forum.  06.15.00

Massive joint diversity effort needed
By Charles Overby All journalists know that asking the right question is the essential part of an interview.  05.30.00

Every four years, press plays role in election
By Charles Overby Here are a few media trivia questions for you.  04.15.00

Future of news? News hole, porch delivery
By Charles Overby I have seen the future of newspapers. It's not in Silicon Valley. It's in Little Rock.  03.15.00

Two top priorities: First Amendment, diversity
By Charles Overby The key to any organization's success is first identifying a few priorities, rather than a long laundry list.  02.15.00

Haynes brings reason to religious-freedom debate
By Charles Overby Freedom of religion is assuming an important role among Freedom Forum priorities.  12.15.99

Media: Too much talk, not enough action
By Charles Overby The pundits in Washington claim the country has Clinton fatigue.  11.15.99

Big rewards can come from thinking big
By Charles Overby Nearly six years ago, The New York Times ran an article from Berlin on page A4.  10.15.99

Alliance needed between journalists, educators
By Charles Overby The Freedom Forum has begun a series of small meetings with some of the best thinkers from newspapers and journalism education.  09.15.99

Expanded pipeline critical to diversity
By Charles Overby Más Chips! That was the rallying cry whenever Paul Gutierrez and friends gathered at a Mexican restaurant in Washington, D.C., in 1993.  08.15.99

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