Case Analysis.

Case Name:__________________________________________

Members of the Group:________________________________

For the case you have been assigned, complete the following questions as a group. Answer carefully. This summary and analysis will help you when you are presenting your case to the class and answering the questions of other group.

  1. What was the CENTRAL ISSUE in this case?
    To assist you: Read the Key Question and restate the central idea in a single sentence.

  2. What did the party claiming RELIGIOUS FREEDOM argue?

  3. What was the main argument AGAINST THE FREE EXERCISE position?

  4. In summary, what CONFLICTING VALUES did your case pose?
    To assist you: Values are concepts that individuals hold dear, such as patriotism, pacifism and religious doctrines and practices.

  5. What was the DECISION of your group?

  6. What argument(s) seem(s) MOST PERSUASIVE in leading you to decide as you did?