First Amendment Rights in Everyday Life

Each scene below deals with a First Amendment right in an example from everyday life. Read each example. In the blank in front of the paragraph, write which First Amendment right the example illustrates:


Yolanda Highsmith operated a newspaper for the African-American community in a large city. In her newspaper, she often criticized the mayor and city council.

2._________________ Rick Jackson stood in front of an oil company’s office. He held a sign that said “Don’t buy oil from polluters.”
3._________________ Twenty-two high school students met in the park across from school to protest the firing of the basketball coach.
4._________________ Roland and Marybeth wore black armbands to school to show support for political prisoners in South Africa.
5._________________ Mr. and Mrs. Stuart taught their three children at home because their church does not approve of public education.
6._________________ Jack and Maria refused to bow their heads during the prayer that began a session of the state legislature.
7._________________ Li Chen went from door to door, asking people to write letters to the president protesting government policies concerning the homeless.
8._________________ Kendall and Roxie printed and handed out fliers describing the unfair hiring practices of a local business.





Rachel and LaTisha used the Internet at their public library to do research for a class assignment on the way the federal government works.